Packaging for art is very specific. In order to select the correct packaging for the object, it already requires quite some expertise.


sculpture racks
sculpture racks

Standard packaging, like bubble wrapping, cardboard boxes and edge protection is evident. However in order to meet high standards we have developed, with support of the restorers in the museums, high quality packaging systems which meet the highest requirement standards.




insulated crates &  travel frames
insulated crates & travel frames

Transport frame-crates, insulated-crates, insulated-safes, art-case, A-Frame - they all find use in our broad variety of transportation possibilities.

For each problem there is a solution. We

manufacture the optimal packaging for you.



crates for wet artworks
crates for wet artworks

Fragile objects, humid surfaces, temperature-sensitive exhibits - nothing is impossible.

Our in-house production allows having the flexibility which enables the quick availability of our product range at your disposal. If required, on short notice…