Customs Formalities

customs- & freight documents
customs- & freight documents

Export declarations, import registrations, certificates of origin, Carnet TIR, Carnet ATA, customs bond, T-documents, CITES. Who knows his way around in the jungle of formalities?

For many shipments, customs rules and regulations must be considered, completing forms, number combinations never seen before need to be registered onto documents. Difficult for non-experts to keep an overview. Errors can happen fast.


To save you from these worries, we settle all customs formalities for you.

taxations, temporarily use, etc.
taxations, temporarily use, etc.

After your sales, we ensure that the proof-of-export documents are sent to you. Nothing is more annoying than toilsome detective work to obtain these documents after years have passed and then being in time pressure to collect them.

Call us. We are happy to provide information. And sometimes, from just a telephone call, it ends up being a small excursion into the world of customs formalities.


Customs Clearance:  You need a own EORI Number !


Since 1st July 2009 all economic operators in the European Union require a own EORI number for their customs declarations.


The EORI number will replace the traditional customs number and is responsible for processing your declarations at the customs office.


If you have not yet applied for an EORI number, you will find


more information and the EORI application form here.


The processing of your application can take some days. For upcoming customs declarations we will need a copy of your filled and undersigned application form.